Gracezone Fans Model GQF130-US

Designed for the US market, the GQF130-US is a series of HVLS ceiling fans available in sizes anywhere from 7 feet diameter to 9 feet diameter to fit perfectly into your home or working spaces. They are slim and sleek (not industrial looking) and are ideal for large residences and commercial spaces, like offices, schools and hospitals.

Each fan has 6 Aerofoil Aluminium Blades and is powered by a high efficiency 130W Brushless DC Motor. It operates silently to improve the comfort of both open-spaces & air-conditioned environments.

Gracezone fans are energy efficient and moves 4 times more air than standard 5-ft ceiling fans. The cooling effect of the large air movement allows you to increase your thermostat’s set point by 2 to 3 °C without compromising comfort. This results in 20% savings on energy costs. It can also run in reverse direction (Winter Mode) for effective de-stratification of heated environments in temperate climates.

The GQF130-US is available in custom colours to match your interior.

Main Features of GQF130-US:

  • Low power consumption (Max 120W)
  • 6 Aluminium thin-aerofoil fan blades
  • Ultra-efficient Brushless DC motor
  • Quiet operations – 50dBA
  • Summer and winter (reverse) modes
  • Slanted ceiling compatibility
  • Aluminium and steel construction

Energy Savings

The GQF130-US performs even better in an air-conditioned environment, allowing for up to 20% cost savings for your energy bill.

Cutting Edge Technology · Minimalist Design · Built To Last

Gracezone GQF130 HVLS ceiling fan
Saves Energy

Up to 20% savings on energy and air-conditioning cost

Ultra Efficient BLDC Motor

Built with Rare Earth Neodymium magnets to produce low profile motors for high power and efficiency
Thin Aerofoil Fan Blades

Aerodynamic fan blades designed for efficiency

Lightweight & Easy to Install

Lightweight minimalist design blends with any living or work space


Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

No guess work needed. We are able to show you exactly how our GQF130-US performs in any environment and how to optimise placement of our ceiling fans to get the most out of your investment.

Large Area Coverage

At optimum heights, a single 9-ft GQF130-US ceiling fan is able to provide up to 2,75ó square feet of coverage. This is almost  equivalent to replacing 4 standard home size fans with just one GQF130 9-ft fan.

gracezone fans large-area-coverage

Yes, Save Up To 20% On Your Air-Con Bills

Using studies from the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers, we can show you how you can optimise human comfort levels and save up to 20% of your air-conditioning costs by using GQF130 fans.

Fan SpeedRPMCFMWattsCFM/WattsAmps

Better Design, Power and Efficiency Through Research

This table shows the Power, Airflow and Efficiency Information for GQF130-US (9-ft).

The numbers say it all – our fan performance figures meet Energy Star minimum efficacy levels at low medium and high speeds. We are the rare few that use rare earth Neodymium permanent magnets in our motors to reduce the motor size and to provide both power and efficiency.

GQF130-US Fans Specifications

Fan Diameter7ft (2.1m)8ft (2.4m)9ft (2.7m)
Blades6 Aluminium Aerofoil Blades
Hanger Tube Options (m)0.5m, 1.0m & 2.0m (1.0m as Standard)
Floor to Ceiling Height (m)Ideal for Ceiling Height of 4m to 6m
Fan Weight (kg)25kg26kg27kg
Motor Technology130W Brushless DC Motor
Fan Speed Control6 Speed Digital Control with Reverse Option
Remote Control
with Timer
RF Remote Control or Wall Mounted RF Multi-Fan Controller
or Multi-Zone Central Controller
Estimated Airflow>20,000 CFM>25,000 CFM>30,000 CFM
Fan LightsOptional (Tri-Panels LED)
Power Source Input120VAC, 60Hz
Max Power (W) / Max RPM75W / 132RPM95W / 118RPM130W / 104RPM
Sound Level at Max Speed< 50dbA
SafetySafety Cable to Independent Anchor Point
CertificationsSG Safety Mark, UL, CE, CB, SGBC Greenmark, Energy Safe Victoria
Warranty3 Years

Whatever your requirements we’ll find the perfect fan for your commercial, office and residential application. Contact us now