Reducing Cooling Costs Without Sacrificing Customer Comforts

Vanguard Interiors achieves significant air-conditioning energy savings with GQF-130 BLDC HVLS fans that do the job without being seen or heard.

Not apparent to most, large fans do actually work very well in air-conditioned spaces. Even at a slow rotational speed, Gracezone Fans’s GQF-130 helps to not only reduce hot and cold zones within the space but more importantly is able to save up to 20% of your cooling costs. Slow constant moving air provides a cooling effect of between 3 to 4°C which allows for air conditioning temperatures to be raised by a similar level thus leading to energy cost savings.

With Vanguard interiors being in a retail space, GQF-130 has been specifically colour customised so that the fans ‘disappear’ from customers sights preventing eyes from drifting up, putting attention towards products on the floor. In addition, GQF-130’s thin-aerofoil fan blades and brushless DC motor produces virtually no noise it is actually quieter than the actual environment it is in allowing for little to no distractions to occupants in the area.

Your business is unique, your fans should be too. When it comes to personalising your fan there are endless possibilities.
Talk to us and we’ll find the right solution for you.