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United World College improves occupancy comfort through replacing existing 5-ft ceiling fans with the larger Gracezone GQF-130 9ft diameter BLDC HVLS ceiling fans.

The Challenge

Cooling large open-air spaces can be challenging with smaller 5-ft diameter ceiling fans as they are typically meant for smaller residential spaces with lower ceiling heights. GQF-130 at 9ft is just under twice the diameter of traditional 5-ft fans but can typically move 4x more air thus providing a constant breeze to a much larger floor space per fan.

With United World College a BCA Green Mark Platinum Award winner for energy conservation, GQF-130’s ultra-efficient brushless DC motor consumes (in most countries) less than US$1 to run at maximum speed for 24h!

Actual calculation based on Singapore’s Electricity Tariffs

Price per kWh (peak): SG$0.25
Fan power consumption (max speed): 120W (0.12kW)
Cost of running GQF-130 fan for 24h at max speed:
SG$0.25*0.12kW*24hr = SG$0.72 (US$0.51)

UWC Canteen

UWC Swimming Complex

Gracezone GQF300-US ceiling fan

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