Transforming A Hot Walkway Into a Comfortable Study Area

Ngee Ann Polytechnic converts what was an unusable save due to radiating heat from tall glass panels into a study area cooled down by GQF-130 BLDC HVLS ceiling fans with fan colours customised to match its interior colour scheme. 


When buildings incorporate large glass panels to allow natural light in, the tradeoff is often that of hot, stagnant air rendering such spaces unusable due to poor human comfort levels in such an environment. Air conditioners were also impractical due to the space being adjacent to a busy walkway and its prohibitive installation and operating costs.


The use of Gracezone’s GQF-130 BLDC HVLS ceiling fans has resulted in not only circulating the hot stagnant air with fresh cooler air but, has also provided a cooling effect for its occupants of between 3 to 4 degrees celsius. The result is an actively used study area that has the additional benefits of surrounding natural light.

GQF-130’s custom colour option has also allowed for the architect’s request in accurately matching the colour of the fans to the space’s feature walls. When large amenities are installed, it is critical that the products matches well with its interior decor as customer and consumer perceptions about the business ultimately affects it directly. Having a recognisable colour scheme also helps businesses to improve brand recall when the purchase decision presents itself.

Every space is unique, your fans should be too. When it comes to personalising your fan there are endless possibilities.
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