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What Are HVLS fans

Large spaces are difficult to cool and will incur costly energy bills if you rely solely on air-conditioners. High speed commercial fans commonly available will create fast turbulent air streams but are noisy and too “windy” for comfort.

A more elegant and effective solution is using High-Volume Low-Speed (HVLS) fan that relies on size, not speed, to move massive amounts of air. Originally designed for large spaces such as warehouses and factories, HVLS fans have evolved as technology rapidly improved. They are now used in a wide variety of industrial, commercial and residential spaces, often working in conjunction with HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems for energy savings. In fact, energy-efficient HVLS fans have quickly assumed a leading role in the green building movement.

Latest HVLS Fans Technology – BLDC Motors

The core component of our latest HVLS fan is its Brushless DC (BLDC) motor. The main advantage of this technology is its energy efficiency.

Older HVLS fans come with chunky and industrial looking AC motors which typically consumes 1KW to 3KW of energy – 10 times more than a BLDC motor which needs just 100W to 300W.

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Why Choose Gracezone Fans

Quality & Reliability
Backed by 20 Years of Manufacturing Experience

Everyone at Gracezone Fans breathes design and engineering. We have been manufacturing electro-mechanical products for 20+ years for multi-national companies (MNC) worldwide.

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Key Features of Gracezone Fans

Minimalist Design

Sleek and slim.
Blends well into any space.

Quiet Operation

Quieter than most ambient environments.

gracezone fans slanted ceiling compatibility

Slanted Ceiling Compatibility

Up to 30° sloping ceiling

Gracezone hvls fans - Ultra-Efficient Brushless DC Motor

Ultra-Efficient Brushless DC Motor

High energy efficiency with small motor size

Gracezone hvls fans - low power consumption

Ultra Low Power Consumption

Cost <$1 to run for 24 hours at max speed

Gracezone hvls fans Automotive Grade Paintwork

Automotive Grade Paintwork

Vibrant colours. Custom colour options available.

Gracezone hvls fans - Thin-Aerofoil Blades

Thin-Aerofoil Aluminium Blades

Low drag, ultra-efficient aerofoils

Gracezone hvls fans 7-9ft Fan Diameter

7 – 12ft Fan Diameter

Perfect for 4m to 8m ceiling heights

Gracezone bldc fans with Summer and Winter Modes

Summer and Winter Modes

Forward for air circulation & reverse mode for destratification

Gracezone bldc fans Lightweight and Easy to Install

Lightweight and Easy to Install

Gracezone bldc fans Robust Construction

Robust Construction

Aluminium and steel construction

Gracezone Fans · Creating Comfort

Watch how our HVLS fans create a cool comfortable environment. Anywhere.

GQF130 HVLS Ceiling Fan 1:35

Key features of our GQF130 HVLS fan – a mid-sized elegant ceiling fan ideal for offices, warehouses, sports clubs, places of worship and residential premises.

GQF300 HVLS Fan Configured with Up-Flow Fan Blades 1:03

Demonstration of how a reversed fan blade configuration help ventilation by moving cooking fumes out through ceiling vents.